Drawing is my passion. Its directness and intimacy gives me the freedom to follow a gesture, to access the flow of energy, to play with space. Exploring the subtleties of light and dark is central to my work. Through the medium of charcoal, I discover the world of the body: how we relate to the space inside and outside ourselves; how the energy of air, water, fire and earth touch and transform the way we see, feel and move; how shadows of the ribs contain the heartbeat; how starlight rests upon the skin. The drawings evolve slowly and intuitively, revealing a sensuality and truth that I have found intriguing and dynamic. 

Through the medium of pen and ink, I doodle and delight in simple, quick lines moving fluidly across the paper. It's a process where music, fashion, and daydreaming flow into drawings of diverse combinations and rich exchanges.

During two summers in 2009 and 2011, I had the great fortune to be invited to a residency program at Two Dot Spot. It is a studio in the town of Two Dot, Montana that is completely surrounded by meadow, hills, mountains and that gorgeously big sky. I was able to draw from sunup to sundown each day. It was a place of stillness and quiet that allowed me to connect with the beauty and wonder of a landscape immensely open and a sky constantly changing.

Scissors in hand, I make collages exploring the freedom and fun of visual play. I get lost in the joy of selecting, cutting, and rearranging images. The process begins as I discover the infinite possibilities life offers through the spaciousness of an open heart. Children, animals, and nature lead the way. I began my blog, Visual Play, on Tumblr in April 2013 where I post a new collage each week. I invite you to join me in these adventures of scissors & glue blending with imagination in the exquisite present.

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Cover Art for The Westchester Review July 2020

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