Art Classes for All

Discover the joy of making your own landscapes, portraits, still lifes, collages, sculptures and abstract compositions using sources from both the inner world of the imagination and the outer world of daily life. Deborah Coulter offers art classes teaching a variety of artistic styles and mediums. 

Have fun with a diversity of projects that generate different ways of looking at life. Develop observational skills through rendering while experimenting with expressive colors, patterns and designs. Explore drawing and painting techniques using a combination of textures, mark making and luminous color fields along with light and shadow. Deborah refers to images from art history as well as from contemporary artists to generate ideas and inspire visual play while developing patience and presence with the creative process.

While being an active artist showing and selling her art in galleries and alternative spaces, Deborah has had a passion and joy for teaching art for the last twenty three years. She fosters a space for students to feel safe and comfortable expressing their artistic vision. She also has experience working with children and adults who have special needs. The youngest of Deborah's students is four years old and she currently has a student who is ninety six years young!

All ages are welcome.

For more information about art classes in your home (one to one, with a friend(s), with the family, or for help with art portfolios for college applications) contact Deborah at:


Lower Westchester Private Lesson (1 child or adult): $80/ hr 

Westchester Private Lessons (2 or more children or adults): $50/ hr each

Upper Westchester NYC & Connecticut Private Lessons (1 child or adult): $125/ hr

NYC & Connecticut Private Lessons (2 or more children or adults): $75/hr each

Art Portfolio Prep for College Applications: $150.00/hr each

Drawings and Collages 
available for sale

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